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"Makin’ groceries"

was a phrase my mom and I learned shortly after moving to the South. It started out just meaning cooking what was brought home from the store, but then the phrase began to encompass just about everything food-related: grocery shopping, meal prepping, actually cooking the food. So, when I decided I wanted to make groceries for a living, I didn’t think twice about the name of my business.


Makin’ Groceries specializes in plant-based, whole food meals. We are allergy friendly catering to the five major allergens. While I’m no doctor and I believe life is too short to say no to a delicious cheeseburger, I do think everyone could benefit from adding some plant-based meals to their diet.


Our meals are inspired by travels in Europe, North Africa, and Mexico and if my kids enjoy the food, I know you will, too!

Lauren | Owner, Mama of Twins and new baby as of Spring 2023, Wife

We offer vegan, vegetarian, soy free, and gluten-free meals.


We use compostable, plastic free materials as much as possible. Sustainability is our mission. 

We don't use refined sugars, instead we use natural sweeteners like maple and date syrup.


We are allergy and dietary restriction  friendly, call us to see how we can cater to your diet.

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